A Day At The Beach

Books are now being written about the coming war with Russia, brought about by the coming and inevitable Russian invasion of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And not only are books being written. Blogs and newspapers are writing about the coming conflict, and commentators on cable television are wringing their hands and blaming it all on Trump. Not to worry. There will be no war with Russia.

The beaches Putin loves the most
Are found along the Baltic coast
But he can’t swim, and so regards
It wise to have some spetsnaz guards
On duty in their bathing trunks
To keep those Lithuanian drunks
From wading out too far at sea
When they take to the waves to pee
Invasion? No. It’s common sense
As he explained to VP Pence
In talks revealed by Susan Rice
Who heard it all on her device
What Putin wants along the shore
Is a casino and what’s more
A hotel and a golf course too
With golden stairways two by two
Podesta’s emails not his fault
“Twere hacked by some odd nameless Balt
So please rest easy, there’s no war
I’ve got my ear up to the door
And what I hear is Putin’s laugh
As he relates it to his staff
How Democrats sure took the bait
And now he has but only wait
Until casinos line this dump
And he will be as rich as Trump

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