An Apple A Day

The third world cellphone revolution is here. No copper wires to string, no utility poles to erect, no massive telecom infrastructure to construct. The Internet at your fingertips. The libraries of the world a click away. But who is teaching third world peasant farmers to read? How much disposable income does a third world peasant farmer have to spend? And lastly, and most importantly, how many third world kleptocracies will happily sit back and watch their rule endangered? I spoke to a third world peasant subsistence farmer and explained how his life will be changed.

Yes nation building is passé
An Apple changes every way
You’ve lived your lives for many years
But now the revolution nears
With Google everything’s in reach
Online professors who will teach
You everything that you may need
But first you’ll need to learn to read
Don’ worry ‘bout the monthly cost
That little item will be tossed
Aside and paid with UN grants
For nothing will be left to chance
Of course the boss man far away
May have a word or two to say
He may not like your getting wise
To how the force that he applies
To keep the peasants all in line
And keep the boss man in French wine
And bank accounts of Swiss gold francs
With which to buy the guns and tanks
That keep you in your present state
Which as you know is none too great
But we are always on your side
You’ll get your phone, but you gotta hide

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