A Fly On the Wall

Obama’s catastrophic Middle East policy of leading from behind, effectively opting out of the decision making process and leaving decisions up to others, has led to a once relatively stable region aflame with violence, with friends removed from power and enemies in their place. I spoke to a fly recently, and he told me he just happened to be on a wall in the White House situation room, minding his own business, and overheard the following conversation between a  man named Obama and a group of nameless, faceless yea sayers.

He said that he heard it as clear as a bell
The big man sure seemed so composed so
He said that his workings were going quite well
Then smiled and said that he supposed so
He said that his policies seemed quite so grand
When first they were then implemented
But things then got crazy and so out of hand
That things that seemed sure and cemented
Have now come apart and are tearing things loose
And soon will be laden with sorrow
A crisis there is and without an excuse
We’ll tackle this problem tomorrow
I wondered what else it was he might have heard
He shrugged and said there was a mumbler
I saw some lips move thought someone said absurd
So I silently lit on a tumbler
The big man had left saying that he was late
His party was now on the fairway
The others at table then went tete a tete
Suggesting that had things gone their way
The world would be well in the sweet bye and bye
And then they just started to bicker
I left then and while I am just a small fly
I couldn’t have got any sicker

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