There are unintended consequences, intended consequences, intended unintended consequences and unintended unintended consequences, and the Obama White House seems incapable of determining in advance just which consequence they prefer or desire. Everything they do turns out to be a total surprise to them, which they conveniently blame on an obscure film maker or on George Bush.

An unintended consequential
Flowing from the non-sequential
White House policies and tortured twists du jour
Is the ouster of friend Morsi
From his high and mighty horsey
By Egyptian army and the Cairo poor
Morsi was a White House favorite
Now he’s gone and though they flavor it
As a nothing unforeseen the White House grieves
For their cutthroat Muslim raiders
And the Jew and Yankee haters
Tears for Morsi glisten brightly on their sleeves
Some of course are quite intended
Though they laughingly pretended
That Khaddafi was a looming deadly threat
Now he’s gone and fierce Jihadis
Roam the sand dunes and the wadis
Quite aware they’re in Obama’s iron clad debt
Syria was Barack’s baby
Stick a finger in there maybe
Never say which way that you may one day go
Now Iran and our friend Putin
Stuck not fingers but a boot in
And the Middle East aflame is set to blow

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