A Fragile Faith

Hate speech is all the rage among the Left. They pass restrictions on Hate Speech on campuses, defining Hate Speech as anything that anyone says that offends someone, whether that offense is justified or not. But this is the way of the Left. They don’t mind committing Hate Speech themselves, they do it all the time. Yet why does the Left insist that saying something about Mohammed is Hate Speech yet an artist putting a crucifix in a bottle of his own urine is not? Why do Muslims get all worked up when a cartoonist draws attention to something risible about Islam? I believe it is because Muslims have a sense of inferiority, a sense of being second class, a sense of being left behind. If they were strong in their beliefs they wouldn’t care what anyone says about their god.


When faith is thin and fragile

And shatters by a word

One lives in fear of hearing

A thought that can’t be heard

But when one’s faith is solid

As boulders by the way

One cares not in the slightest

What others have to say


8 thoughts on “A Fragile Faith

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