Float Like A Butterfly

Ever notice how some politicians never seem to take a punch? Why are some so deft, so nimble, that nothing ever sticks? While others always get caught.  Maybe those who always get caught have feet of clay. And maybe those who sail through life never being caught out, never being humiliated by public scandal, also have feet of clay. Cassius Clay that is. Maybe that’s why some pols float like a butterfly.


To float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

One needs to have slick feet of Clay

We nimble pols don’t understand and can’t see

Why others are just not that way

We’re born as we are so we steal and we lie

We’ve done so since very first day

If honesty’s best we might give it a try

But meantime we’ve got feet of Clay


9 thoughts on “Float Like A Butterfly

  1. file sharing

    I feel know-how just makes it even worse. Now there is a channel to by no means care, now there won’t be considered a prospect for them to find out.

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