A Freshly Made Past

It would seem that the freshly made past served up by the Democrats, that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to deny the White House to the rightful owner, has turned into a freshly made pasta. It has emerged that President Obama was aware of Soviet interference into the election, and did nothing but wag his finger at Putin, so certain was he that Hillary would win and all would be as smooth as apple butter. Couple Obama’s strangely odd or oddly strange indifference to Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, with the remark Obama made to the Russian ambassador four years earlier that he, Obama, would be more flexible after the election of 2012. Then add Attorney General Loretta Lynch telling Hillary the investigation into her illegal and possibly treasonous placing of highly classified documents on her kitchen server would not be allowed to proceed to a conclusion. Also baked into this inedible dish of pasta is the fact that the highly classified documents Hillary Clinton placed on her server were read, and possibly were meant to be read, in real time by the Russians and the Chinese, who, no doubt coincidentally, contributed large sums of money to the Clinton Family Slush Fund criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation, all of which leads one to wonder if Hillary charged by the document or offered a volume discount. So it is now a question of whether or not the Special Counsel and his crack staff of Democrat donors and operatives will look into the very obvious collusion and criminality on his side of the aisle. I am not at all sanguine. Only Republicans go to jail.

Oh what a tangled web they wove
As into sight the Mueller hove
Disclosures never meant to be
Seen by the likes of you or me
Obama knew of Russian tricks
Did nothing, knowing that the fix
Was in and Hillary would skate
Into the White House, Chief of State
Where all would be swept under rugs
The DNC would be all hugs
And champagne fizz would fill the air
And criminals would have no care
With Justice in their able hands
All evidence on shifting sands
They’re free and clear, so many birds
And accusations only words
But then they lost, and now affright
They stamp their feet and scream all night
They will not rest, they must not fail
The Donald must be put in jail
Restoring circumstance and pomp
And all reentering the swamp

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