Those westerners opposed to killing muslim killers say that not all muslims are killers, and therefore we should not contemplate eradicating them all in order to make certain we get the very substantial minority of muslims who are determined to kill us. But can we solve the problem of muslim beheadings and suicide bombings of little girls by selective retaliation? I don’t think so. The only permanent solution to the problem of muslim killers is to emulate the late Simon de Montfort and kill them all and let Google sort them out. Simon, of course, was the man in charge of the French force ordered by the Pope to kill all the Albigensian heretics, also known as the Cathars, in the little French town of Beziers some eight hundred years ago. When informed by his men that there were many non-Cathars in the town, de Montfort said to kill them all and let God sort them out. And so they did.

Catharsis from muslim pain
Or terrorism mire
When people opt to once again
To take to sword and fire
The muslim killers quite well known
To MI5 and others
A Google search has quickly shown
Associates and brothers
A pre-dawn raid will do the trick
A roundup and detention
A door closed with a silent snick
What’s next we shall not mention
If this seems harsh think little girls
And muslim bombs exploding
And leaving only bits of curls
To muslim taunts and goading
The muslim killers say their god
Demands they do the killing
And so they go below the sod
All muslim terror stilling

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