A Freshly Ploughed Mind

I spoke to a recent college graduate today, asking about the wisdom of allowing grown men who claim they believe they are a little girl to use the school shower facilities with little girls. Her mind having been freshly ploughed at great cost by a prestigious university, she was astonished that I would find something wrong with that, and fairly screamed,

A person has a right to be
Whatever gender he or she
Decides is best for him or her
And there’s no reason why a stir
Be made because a male who’s nude
Bathes with girls, that’s why a prude
Like you should be ashamed to show
Your face and just to let you know
I’m boiling mad to hear such hate
And furthermore just let me state
The courts en banc ruled just today
Identity is what you say
You are in fact whate’er you wish
A polar bear, a petri dish
A teapot or a childlike gnome
I’m so upset, dad, take me home

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