Bathroom Humor

The United States Justice Department is threatening the State of North Carolina because of a North Carolina rule that says public bathrooms and school and college restroom and shower facilities are to be used by people whose gender is written on their birth certificates. The Justice Department insists that grown men have a civil right to use the same bathroom and shower facility as little girls. A biological male wrote on the door of a stall in an Obama mandated all gender bathroom, “I hate grils.” Underneath that someone wrote, “What’s wrong with us grils?”

No longer is one’s gender fixed in place
Biology is roughly overturned
One’s gender is a choice as much as race
The Left is getting what it much has yearned
Destruction of the norms of Western life
The turning over all we once held dear
A man can take a husband, woman, wife
To question is to live a life in fear
Retaliation is both sure and swift
The loss of fortune, children taken, job
The Left sees loss of liberty a gift
They’ve given to the unwashed stupid mob

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