A King Like You

The Left calls us bigots, we who object to the turning of our country over to people who had no part in building it. The Left calls us bigots because we say “Enough of your diversity!” The Left knows full well why we have these objections. They know full well we object to the invited invasion of people from another culture and way of life because we know that unlimited immigration will, in time, result in the death of our country. Yes, the land will still be here, the Mississippi will still flow to the sea, the mountains will still rise in the snow-capped distance, but other people will be living here, with their own language and customs and laws, our customs and laws and history laid to dust like those of Nineveh and Carthage. The Left knows full well the reasons for our objections to what they are doing, for they are doing it consciously and with purpose. Unlimited Third World immigration holds a fascination for the Left, and they are quite content to turn the country over to outsiders in the belief that by doing so they, the Left, will inherit eternal wealth, power and authority.

To live like a king, you must be king
With those below to kiss the ring
And for that you’ll do anything
To make it all come true
The laws and customs of your kind
You discard as the musty rind
Of those who now are out of mind
A chapter men once knew
The rivers flow, the fields are green
And traces of the past still seen
Though none remember what they mean
Or what they’re meant to do
Oh yes you claim your rule is just
You’ve built a temple for the dust
Of those past days that surely must
Have loved a king like you

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