Thoughts And Deeds

There are those who say that the Koran is a map, a list of murderous actions for the adherents of the religion of peace to follow, as it was said of Mein Kampf that it was a road map that Adolf Hitler intended to follow. Neither is true. Neither Mein Kampf nor the Koran is a road map to actions, but road maps to thought, for the deed follows the thought. I had a telephone conversation recently with a niece who lives in northern Virginia, in the course of which she said her neighbors were Somali Muslims who had lived next door to her for ten years, and who had suddenly taken to growing beards and getting fit. She said she was worried that they were getting ready for something. I have no doubt that if the something they are preparing for includes the slaughter of my niece and her family that there will be neighbors who will defend the Somalis and say my niece must have done something to offend them.

Mein Kampf is an idea, not a book
Not words on paper printed in black ink
But worms implanted like a baited hook
Into the minds of those who cannot think
Of anything beyond the present good
That he or she envisions as a right
The mind extends beyond the neighborhood
And drinks the evil darkness of the night
The fire of ideas sharply burns
Into the mind and plants the deadly seed
That turns to action where the actor learns
The difference between the thought and deed
Kampfwagons rolled across the rivered plain
Triumphant and exhilarated too
Inflicting death, destruction, sorrow, pain
Until the butcher’s payment bill came due
The bill comes due for all who cast the dice
And follow the religious zealot home
The blood of martyrs but the sacrifice
Demanded for the conquering of Rome
The Koran, like Mein Kampf is but the thought
The deed is consummated by the herd
Who die content with what their blood has bought
As all who die who change the thought to word

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