A Letter From Abe

In a conversation with Vice President Joe Biden, Obama describes how letters to the dead lead to votes, at least in Chicago. “I write a letter to an alderman, Joe,” he said with a knowing smile, “and voters rise from the dead.  And if it works in Chicago there’s no reason it won’t work in Duluth. I’m gonna write myself a letter, Joe, and make believe it came from Abe Lincoln.” And with that, in a perfect Fats Waller falsetto, Obama began to sing.



I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

And make believe it came from Abe

He’s gonna write words oh so sweet

They’re gonna knock me off my feet

A lotta kisses at the bottom

The folks will see I got ‘em

Abe’s gonna write and say he knows that I’m the better

Man for the job of president

I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

And folks will think it’s Abe who sent


To which Biden replied, off key but with a goofy grin


It’s the Chicago way and no way else is better

A note from Abe is just the thing

The voters will be so impressed

Those racist Pubs will be suppressed

We’ll drive them all right to the bottom

I tell you Boss we’ve got ‘em

Old Abe is one of us, and you’re a real go-getter

There’s votes in every graveyard too

So you just sit right down and write yourself that letter

And I won’t tell it came from you


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