A Life In Full

When I was but a child my dreams were never
Without a playful laugh, and without care
I knew it all would last somehow forever
I knew my parents always would be there
My youth was filled with plans of life tomorrow
It mattered not if dreams were small or great
Like most of us our dreams lead but to sorrow
For dreams are overtaken oft by fate
I dreamed my children filled my life with pleasure
I dreamed not that their lives be filled with gold
But only they be happy beyond measure
And bless me with a grandchild when I’m old
My dreams have all come true and that’s a blessing
I have a wife I’ve loved since first we met
My children gave me grandkids and I’m guessing
My life’s about as good as it can get
My childhood dreams are still as bright as ever
My parents are still young and always near
The dreams we dream through life we cannot sever
They stay with us as long as we are here