The Virus

It has been suggested that the insanity going on in Washington is the result of the entire Democrat Party being infected by an especially virulent virus. I spoke to a virus the other day and she said she was outraged that her kind was being blamed for everything from disease to politics, when in fact most viruses only wanted to live a normal life with a suitable host. None of us want to kill anyone, she said, but there are always some bad apples in every barrel.

Bad apples, rotten to the core
Reflect quite badly on the more
Benign examples of our kind
Who only seem to be resigned
To live their lives with a good host
Until they both give up the ghost
It’s politics that’s killing us
As nutrients we are a plus
But too much can be worse than none
And that is why each mother’s son
And daughter of a virus seeks
A host who knows of what he speaks
Now I myself, progressive pure
Am fairly certain, nearly sure
That right wing viruses all scheme
To sabotage our leftist dream
As a result we must fight back
And that is why we must attack
Conservatives wherever met
And see that they instantly get
The palsy or a runny nose
Or Asian flu or one of those
Queer maladies identified
As viruses that cannot hide
But most of us just bide our time
We have no reason, have no rhyme
In man’s affairs we seldom mix
And not at all in politics
But right now though we’re having fun
Infecting Dems to think they won