A Small Boy

Susan Rice, one of Obama’s Marxist witches, delivered a speech in which she told us just how brilliant was the Obama strategy of Strategic Patience, a new name for leading from behind and doing nothing. When I was a small boy, doing the things small boys do, I relied on the strategic patience of my parents to avoid punishment. I learned how to play the game, and so, one by one, accumulated a number of small victories. Yet I was not harmed by the withholding of punishment for small transgressions, for my parents loved me, and knew that I would turn out all right. The female-centric Obama administration, beginning with the she-male at the top, evidently believes that at bottom all the world loves the little boy named Barack Obama, and will see that no harm comes to him.

Small boys think while being bad
That words will oft suffice
To turn the wrath of mom and dad
By showing them you’re nice
And so as Barack grew up wild
Unchastened for his deeds
In adulthood he’s still a child
With all his childish needs
A need to be the brightest star
That lightens up the night
The need to be loved from afar
The need to win, not fight
The need to be the smartest boy
The world has ever known
The need to make the world his toy
A crown and golden throne
Such little boys can never see
That bigger boys than they
Will take him with impunity
And make the small boy pay

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