The War Elephant

I have, over the past few years, occasionally posited the idea of the elephant getting tired of the ants biting his ankles and finally stomping on them. The problem for the ants is they don’t know when to stop. Enough mass murder, enough beheadings, enough kidnappings of girls for sale into slavery and enough slaughter of innocent schoolchildren, and something begins to stir deep within the gut of the elephant, a stirring far removed from the worldview of the leftist mahouts. The reaction of the American public to American Sniper is akin to the sudden deep rumbling of a hitherto peaceful volcano. The ants are about to get stomped on, though it won’t be by us, not yet, but as always it will be up to the American elephant to rid the world of the scum.

The pachyderm, of rumpled skin
Is placid till aroused
When something happens deep within
Down where his soul is housed
The ants believed that no response
Meant elephants are weak
Inaction by us corresponds
To silence being meek
The ants believed the Leftist West
Too timid to fight back
They did not know put to the test
The thin veneer would crack
The stages of the process run
Discomfort, hate, then rage
The punishment for what they’ve done
Makes turning of the page
From peace to war to killing zones
No quarter giv’n nor asked
What heretofore was done by drones
To bayonets now tasked
The Muslim killer made his bed
And in it he shall lie
Unlimbed in fury, not yet dead
Till all his comrades die
War elephants are slow to rile
But hatred turns to rage
The ant will win for but a while
Until the final stage
When armed men from the enraged West
Put finis to the war
By killing them at our behest
And Islam is no more

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