A Mayan Retrospective

Well, we survived the Mayan calendar crisis, and it’s time, now that we are in the New Year, to look back on the Maya and their calendar and the just past Christmas season. A gentle reader named Christine sent the following the day after the end of the world:


Me-oh Maya
What a liah!
Said it was the end
(not true)
Next day dawning
Stretching, yawning
Predictions on the mend
(not new)
Fears abating
Folks awaiting
Disaster round the bend
(to rue)
Love a crisis
Fake suffices
Convictions we defend
(no clue)


To which I responded:


‘Twas the day after Maya

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

‘Cept me and my mouse

Just surfing the web

To see if we survived

And when I saw Drudge

I cheered and high fived

I never did think

That the Maya were right

Although I confess

‘Twas a long sleepless night

But when the next morn

Dawned clear, crisp and dry

The Maya I cursed

I had presents to buy

For Christmas was due

And on schedule arrived

And discovered ’twas Christmas

That no one survived