Waltradamus 2013

Waltradamus has seen his reflection in the Mall wishing well, and now knows what will happen in 2013.




Will the French go into Mali?

One can only think what folly

It is Indochine without a mountain view

But the Frenchmen they will rally

In some Atlas Mountain valley

And will hope it’s not again Dien Bien Phu




Had the cliff been any higher

We’d have gone from pot to fryer

But the landing was as soft as it could be

The economy was roaring

With Obama’s rating soaring

And the only drawback we’re no longer free




Yes the Euro is in crisis

And the rolling of the dice is

All that’s left for them to try to stave off gloom

If the Germans close the spigot

And if Merkel tells them friggit

Then there’s nothing left to save them from their doom




2013 will be over

In twelve months of rolling clover

And we’ll all be happy that Obama won

With inflation we’re all wealthy

With ObamaCare we’re healthy

Nonetheless I’m glad I went and bought that gun