A New Don Juan

Throughout history militia forces have not been able to stand up to regulars. Bladensburg comes to mind. ISIS is not of Western regular army quality, but it seems to be as good as an Arab army gets. Therefore it will take the Fourth Infantry Division to beat them. What is needed is a present day Don Juan to rally the Europeans to fight, if not for the Christian Copts, if not for the Christian Arabs or Christian Iraqi Kurds, if not for all innocent Infidels, then at least for themselves. It may well come to giving each Middle Eastern Muslim community its own private piece of land, and since these people have shown, over the centuries, that their only interest is in killing us, their own private piece of land should begin about six feet deep.

Don Juan, he of the golden hair
And women-winning smile
Set out where others would not dare
And conquered, all the while
The Christian powers all sat back
Absorbed in their affairs
While Muslim raiders burn and sack
Then return to their lairs
Today we see more of the same
Beheadings, burnt alive
Killing is for them a game
They play from nine to five
A new Don Juan is what we need
To teach the bastards well
Forever kill that loathsome creed
And send them all to hell

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