Stocking Up

We are in a pre-war time, just like the 1930s. The principal difference between today and the 1930s is that there doesn’t appear to be a Churchill waiting in the wings. Then it took only one bridge, the Rhineland Bridge, to be crossed to set things in motion, while today so many bridges have already been crossed and burnt that the ending is inevitable. Which is why I am stocking up on pre-war Irish Whiskey.

I’m stocking up on pre-war Irish whiskey
And Amazon is shipping nylons free
I know that smoking cigarettes is risky
But soon enough no more of them I’ll see
The government will list what they will ration
And Goodyear tires a thing of the past
The newsreels will raise ire to a passion
As wimpy leaders scream no stone be cast
But once roused fed up free men won’t be stopping
Until those stinking Muslims are all dead
And that is why I’m doing pre-war shopping
And have some Irish whiskey then to bed

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