A Pair Of Gonads

When Donald Trump builds a hotel, he turns the design over to an architect, who has training and experience in the design and construction of major buildings. Turning the design of his signature health care reform over to a politician meant that the design would be political, not economic or medical, because that is what the designer, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, knows and is trained to do. And the ramshackle Ryan design came crashing down. The result was certainly predictable, though not necessarily inevitable. But with this defeat at the hands of the ever popular Republican circular firing squad, maybe Trump can issue them a pair of gonads, declare the filibuster dead and gone and do what needs to be done.

If 60 votes you cannot muster
Abolish then the filibuster
Don’t play by opposition rules
The Dems play dirty, don’t be fools
Would Harry Reid just shrug and say
Well them’s the rules by which we play
Of course he wouldn’t, so he scotched
The filibuster as he watched
Republicans twist in the wind
While crying, Harry you have sinned
Our rules are sacred, firm and true
But just for us and not for you

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