A Near Perfect Indifference

To those of us oldsters who believe that Western civilization is dying, relax; it is already dead. Already dead to virtually everyone under the age of thirty who have been de-educated by the educational system to the point that they know next to nothing of the history of their country, next to nothing of their own cultural identity, and are blissfully unaware that they are completely ignorant of anything of importance. To most Europeans, the prospect of their countries becoming Muslim has nothing to do with them. To most Americans, the prospect that their country will very shortly be minority White and is being balkanized by identity politics has nothing to do with them either. And when the last of us who do care what happens to our countries are gone, and the West, with its science and law is gone, the world will revert to its pre-renaissance condition. And no one will remark upon the passing, for no one will know of what has passed.

Detectives, digging up the graves
Of once free men who now were knaves
Dumb serfs who worked the land for local lords
Might find disturbing grave goods there
Some evidence they did not care
And did in fact invite the hostile hordes
Into their homes to banish guilt
In shame for what their fathers built
A science and a culture that put law
Above the priest and royalty
And so they saw their loyalty
Not to their land but to the savage raw
Who knew no law and sought our fall
Who knew that peace meant death to all
Who were not of their blood or of their tribe
Detectives found the holy grail
One word on paper told the tale
‘Indifference” written by the nameless scribe

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