A Philadelphia Story

In the midst of the DNC email chaos of the Democratic National Convention, the Philadelphia Police Union protests the list of speakers at the convention. Listed to speak are widows and family members of black guys the cops were forced to shoot in the line of duty, all of whom, according to Democrats, were innocent victims of racist cops intent on cold-blooded murder. The police are outraged that no widows or family members of the cops assassinated in Dallas or Baton Rouge will be asked to speak at the convention. But what did the police expect? Also listed to speak at the Democratic national convention are Josef Stalin, Mao, Saul Alinsky and the acapella choir of Black Lives Matter singing their big hit Oooh Baby Kill Me A Cop.

The Democrats convene in Mr. Franklin’s Countrie Towne
Where Liberty resides in a bronze bell
Where peaceful folk live side by side no matter black or brown
And vote for Dems who should be in a cell
The gavel pounds, the noise abates, the nomination made
Jim Comey says she’s guilty but is cleared
The vote is on and delegates are very keen to trade
Their photographs of Huma with the beard
The vote goes down, its Hillary, loud cheering fills the hall
A figure stands and Bubba walks on stage
The restive crowd is stunned to find that Bubba’s won it all
While Hillary is run off in a cage
Obama rises from his seat, a shouted, ”It’s the One!”
And says he’ll run again if it’s his fate
He says that after three or maybe four terms then he’s done
He’ll save the country if it’s not too late
Old Bernie screams he has the yoots and will not stand aside
Jim Comey takes the stage and calms the crowd
He says he’s found some emails that the Clintons tried to hide
And while I love him, Bubba’s not allowed
Bill Clinton said just little folk are bound by federal law
And with a quiver in his voice he urged
The delegates remember ’92 and what they saw
And hearing that the delegates fair surged
Toward an old man who stood alone, some paces out of view
Who slowly walked onstage to the surprise
Of all who thought that Hillary the unsecured but true
Would win by acclamation the great prize
To great applause and roaring cheers the old man raised his fists
In triumph as he promised all to win
A knight in shining armor striding boldly to the lists
Was Biden grinning broad his goofy grin

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