Is God An Architect?

There was a raging debate, at one time and in some circles, about the nature of God – was He an architect or a clockmaker. The Founders believed God was an architect, a designer who worked with mortal materials that adapted to changing circumstances, rather than a clockmaker who sets the clock in motion and then dismisses it from His mind. The architect, also as distinct from the clockmaker, may from time to time become dissatisfied with His work and decide to call in the demolition contractor.

The architect sees what he’s built
Is not what he envisions
And so without a trace of guilt
He orders demolitions
And with a shudder down she comes
Offending work demolished
With all reduced to tiny crumbs
The rusty and the polished
All heaped together in a pile
Of burning dust and rubble
The architect completes the file
Describing all the trouble
Caused by the chaos mortals make
Of all that He has planned for
Such chaos He is forced to take
Such measures He must stand for
Act humbly but with valor’d grace
Be cheerful in God’s beauty
And know that there will be a place
For those who live by duty

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