A Pleasant Lunch

Hillary Clinton, arguably the worst Secretary of State the country has had up until John Kerry, and indisputably the worst politician in history, recently bit the hand that fed her and said Barack Obama did some very stupid stuff in general and the Benghazi affair in particular. Obama probably never noticed, but his acolytes were outraged, and so a kiss and make up lunch was hastily arranged at the twelve million dollar Obama vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. But the lunch was not about kissing and making up, it was about winning and losing.

An ocean breeze
A pleasant lunch
Each puts the squeeze
Each pulls the punch
The smiles are real
As Styrofoam
They make the deal
Then head for home
But then each thinks
The other’s fluff
Who often blinks
When going’s tough
And so they set
About to find
A way to get
Out from behind
Who’ll cop the plea
Who’ll drop the dime
Who’ll say who me?
S/he did the crime!
Under the bus
He/she must go
What’s all the fuss
No one will know
Congress convenes
Who wins the fight?
One spills the beans
About that night
Of course this scene
Hangs on who wins
In aught sixteen
When all the sins
Are washed away
If the returns
At end of day
Show that Hill earns
A four year turn
Internes to thrill
Blue dresses burn
First Lady Bill

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