A new bunch of murderous Muslim fanatics has arisen who call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. These guys are determined to create a new Muslim Caliphate, and they make al Qaeda look like a group of community organizers. So murderous is ISIS that al Qaeda has disowned them. ISIS uses terror as a weapon of first choice, executing all who are not Sunni Muslim, be they Shi’a Muslim or Christian infidel. They routinely kill all the men and boys in a Shi’a or Christian town they overrun, sell the women into slavery and keep the girls for themselves just in case they run out of goats. I spoke to an ISIS fighter just this morning and asked about the new Caliphate. He smiled and said,

The glories of the Caliphate
Will shine like blazing stars
And Baghdad will be glorious again
We’ll kill all of you white folks and
We’ll burn down all the bars
And parcel out the women to our men
We’ll sweep out all before us and
We’ll put all to the sword
Who dare to speak their mind or make a fuss
We slaughter and deflower but
We never waterboard
For that would be too cruel for even us
We thank the US Army for
Equipment that we take
From Army of Iraq who you have trained
They run like rabbits and we laugh
At soldiers who are fake
And executed all who had remained
We count the days and know we have
Two years to do our deeds
Obama he play golf while we draw maps
Of places that we overrun
And those that fill our needs
Believe me none of us are taking naps
Obama call himself Hussein
But names don’t make the man
Saddam five times the man, don’t make me laugh
We know Barack and all we do
Is go according plan
While Barack bows low to his female staff
Yes we be ISIS and before
You know we be in towns
Like London and New York and Paris too
We act like soldiers not like ladies
Dressed in evening gowns
Your death will be a blessing ‘fore we’re through
He laughed out loud and smiled and said
He’d see me down the road
Then grinned and turned his new Humvee around
I knew that killing such as he
Was rows that must be hoed
And doing it would take boots on the ground

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