A Portrait Of A Young Woman

All young women are beautiful, but some take your breath away. Such a one is my granddaughter, twenty-three now, no longer the pretty teenager but a sophisticated, gloriously beautiful woman of the world

The smile will always be the same
The little girl on grammom’s lap
When all of life for her a game
Until it’s time to take her nap
She grew so quickly, time sped by
She rode her bike and climbed our tree
Her prom dress made her grammom cry
And now she’s grown-up, twenty-three
A thing of beauty and a joy
A laughing, loving woman child
The life before her but a toy
A plaything tamed from forces wild
To her the future is a land
Of promise filled with golden days
With sugar plums at every hand
And dreams that count the many ways
That life before her may play out
That as a child she could not see
Yet as she grew we had no doubt
And now she’s grown-up, twenty-three

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