The Illusion Of Reality

Reality is an illusion, and so is delusion. Reality is not real, in the sense that it is predictable and inevitable. For Napoleon at Waterloo the reality was that he should have won, but actions have consequences, and consequences have actions. The delusion of Marshal Ney that Quatre Bras was strongly held and he was walking into a trap, and the delusion by Marshal Grouchy that Blucher was retreating, led to defeat. History is often a struggle between the two illusions of reality and delusion, with unanticipated consequences far into the future. The delusion of the Progressives in believing that the illusion of reality is real leads them to philosophical extinction, only to be replaced with another illusion. Why did the gods put Sisyphus, the king of Ethyra, to pushing a boulder up a hill for all eternity if not to teach us humility?

The reality of illusion
Is the cause of much confusion
As theorists believe the wrong one real
For Sisyphus the boulder
Grew in size as he got older
But in truth illusive time made him congeal
The Progressive belief system
Had set goals but always missed ‘em
For they reckoned not the gods were still at play
They believed they had the answers
But like careless gandy dancers
They see not the coming train nor step away

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