A Pre-Christmas Gift

Obama gave the Mullahs their Christmas presents early, hoping to receive his presents sometime down the road, but an election intervened and Obama’s future Christmas presents have been lost in transit.

And so there he was, in a pre-Christmas mode
With presents for Mullahs, with his down the road
His reasons far-reaching, his mind crystal clear
A long road he’d traveled, with victory near
The presents he’s giving were set to one side
Full knowing that Santa’s not starting his ride
Until that bright future when all fairly gleams
And arms are laid down in his fondest of dreams
Of Santa and reindeer and bright Christmas trees
As he lies in bed trying to catch him some Zs
While downstairs the adults drink mulled Christmas wine
While waiting for Santa to give them the sign
That Christmas was here by the sound of his sleigh
And nuclear treaties ‘neath tree he will lay
For years Barack waited and hoped for white snow
On that bright golden night when he’d hear  ho ho ho

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