A Pyrrhic Victory

The recent shutdown of the government showed who has the real power in Washington, and it isn’t the Republicans. There are those who say the Democrat victory was a Pyrrhic one, but I’m not so sure. I think the talk of an Obama Pyrrhic victory is just Republican whistling past the graveyard. Republicans do Pyrrhic victories, Democrats don’t. I have often thought I am doomed to live to be 115, spending my advanced middle age living in a declining socialist paradise. I was too optimistic. The decline is here already, and Paradise is just around the corner. Right now I’d take any kind of victory, no matter how Pyrrhic.

When a victory is Pyrrhic
Then the music can’t be lyric
For the notes sound hollow in a minor chord
But the question’s who’s the loser
Not Obama then the Cruzer
Who drove the train with no one else aboard
I suspect we know the answer
It’s that artful Senate dancer
Mitch McConnell who got something for his State
Got some pork and got some gravy
‘Nuff to float Kentucky’s navy
Now the voters plan on giving him the gate
Yes Obama won the battle
Paid no mind to Repubs prattle
There was nothing Pyrrhic ‘bout the whole affair
The Obama State is here and
We have nothing left to fear and
We’ll just all relax and love Obamacare

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