A Third Party

The Democratic Party has been captured by the radical and violent Left, who do not give up power willingly once they’ve seized it, and it doesn’t look like the current edition of the Republican Party is about to take it away from them. The country needs a new political party, a party of first principles, a party that will retake the country from the radical Left and restore Democracy. Call it the Tea Party, call it what you will, but the time is growing short. One more radical Left White House and Senate will undo us, and turn us into Greece or maybe even Zimbabwe.

When a woman with pretensions
And a man with bad intentions
Have an offspring like Barack you know it’s wrong
You don’t know what he is made of
‘Til you get what you’re afraid of
And too late you see the black of night grows long

It’s too late that we’re dejected
How could he be re-elected
Is the cry we hear from people stone bereft
For the Democrats of Truman
Are all dead ‘mid roses bloomin’
And the party has been captured by the Left
Yes the crazies are in charge now
Like a runaway coal barge now
That goes raging down the river smashing things
The Repubs no longer fight them
They hold candles just to light them
On the path that leads to what the chaos brings
Yes we need a new Third Party
Need it now let’s not be tardy
For the times are marching on and freedom’s still
The best thing the Founders gave us
And we need them now to save us
And return the shining city on the hill

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