A Quiet Little Race War

There are Black people speaking of race war, and the current Democratic Party agenda of dividing the country along class and race lines only generates more race war talk. Will it happen? Will there be a full out race war with bullets in this country? I don’t think so, but who knows. If there is, I know who will win. But maybe it wouldn’t come to that.  Maybe, if certain people had their little race war, white people would simply move to Canada. I spoke to one of my unborn great great grandchildren about this, and this is what he said:


Back in your day, grampop, he said

You thought that people wronged

By white folks had the right to say

Race was where he belonged

It gave them pride in who they were

Regardless of their parts

How good it seemed to you back then

To praise them for their smarts

But came the time no longer did

They think themselves as “We”

Instead they walled themselves inside

Their own ethnicity

And then, grampop, these non-white groups

Showed what we had in store

They captured all our cities and

Demanded more and more

They forced white people from their homes

With violence and crime

Until some white folks told themselves

It looks like it is time

Oh grampop what a sight that was

To Canada we went

We left the forty-eight behind

Took every last red cent

Took all the jobs and factories

The schools and all the rest

And then within a few short years

They were third world at best

Great poverty and violence

From Maine to Rio Grande

And when they begged us to come back

We said we’ve made our stand

And so, grampop, that’s where we are

I don’t know what they’ve proved

We could have had a war, but no

We simply upped and moved