The Walrus

North Korea has again threatened to nuke South Korea, and this time included the United States, saying they were going to nuke Austin, Texas. Why Austin I don’t know. Maybe Kim Jong Un doesn’t like Country music. Whatever, everyone seems to take the latest threats more seriously than previous threats, and even China is sending troops to the Yalu, apparently to handle the millions of impoverished North Koreans who would pour into China in the certain event of the demise of the crazy North Korean regime in Pyongyang at the hands of the South. Still, the North wouldn’t be a pushover; they apparently have a couple of working nukes and some diesel subs that could score a lucky hit on one of our carriers. Plus, and this is the scary part, what if the Chinese buildup on the northern border is not to stop refugees from coming across, but to back North Korea’s invasion of the South.


The time has come, the Walrus said

To think of many things

Of atom bombs and diesel subs

And Pyongyangs and Beijings

The Hermit Kingdom cut in two

Has festered sixty years

Ruled by the crazy family Kim

Who profit from our fears