A Redbird Man

My avatar here is a Cardinal, and that is what I secretly long to be. Not a red hat Bishop of Rome Cardinal, not a left handed power hitting St Louis Cardinal, but a real life Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis. Transgender is old hat, trans-species is the way to go.

Oppressed I am because I’m blond
A blue eyed blond to boot
And so I’ve waved my magic wand
And made the matter moot
A redbird now I am at peace
Just sitting in a tree
And sneering at the silly geese
Who want to be like me
I sit and watch the growing scene
Where all hate what they’ve been
Where blacks are whites and whites are keen
To melanize their skin
I watch my neighbor Jack walk by
He minces now in heels
I whistle sharply, catch his eye
And ask him how he feels
And so it is and so it goes
I’ve got a redbird girl
A beauty yes from head to toes
A sweet trans-spiecied squirrel

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