The Road From Brussels Fair

The Greek people have voted overwhelming to reject the European Union offer of a debt bailout based on Greek austerity. The leftist Greeks, having lived off someone else’s money for so long, saw no reason why they should give up their lavish pensions and no-work bureaucratic jobs and retirement at age 50 at full pay just because they are bankrupt and cannot pay their bills. So they voted no and the entire sham edifice of the socialist European Union is shaking as Stock markets throughout the world shudder in anticipation of financial catastrophe.

Policies so maladroit
Might as well be malDetroit
The whole Euro idea was a sham
What to tell the wife and kids
When someone has Greeced the skids
And no one there seems like to give a damn
At first roses lined the way
No one really had to pay
Except of course the Germans so who cares
Bad times told of coming woes
And Greeks shrugged a so it goes
They’d heard too many dire financial scares
On the carousel content
Brussels even paid their rent
But now the wine has left the fountains dry
Some Greeks worked but most just played
No one seemed to be afraid
As debt piled up and grew to mountains high
Come a cropper, no more stash
Down the hopper German cash
And it’s back to barter ‘cause the cupboard’s bare
The Greeks found that Brussels lied
And the roses have now died
As the poor trudge down the road from Brussels Fair

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