A Shadow Presidency

For almost eight decades American presidents bestrode the world. Names like Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, the Bushes and Clinton spoke with authority because of the unparalleled military and economic power of the United States. It took Obama only six years to completely erase eight decades of American hegemony. Presidents, Prime Ministers and potentates everywhere have always had shadow cabinets. The United States of Obama may be the first to have a shadow president.

Where once the giants strode the globe
With scepter’d mace and purple robe
With Kissingers for acolytes
The country slept well through the nights
But now poor Barry sits in gloom
Still the smartest in the room
How could he not, for it’s his call
The room has Kerry, Rice et al
With Hagel, Biden standing by
Watch undismayed the country die
Dim shadows all of giants past
The days go slow but years go fast
And so we come now to the end
The cliff is looming round the bend
Yet gods still walk the city walls
And long before the country falls
The strong return to save the day
And Barry’s shadows swept away

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