A Boil That Must Be Lanced

The Republican Party was founded for the purpose of ending chattel slavery in the United States, slavery defended to the death by the Democratic Party. The Civil War was not so much a war between North and South as between the Republican Party’s ideal of freedom and the Democratic Party’s ideal of slavery. But that was then and this is now. The Republican Party no longer has the will or the leaders to fight against the present day economic and cultural slavery the Democrats have imposed on the country. A few Republican Senators have sworn to fight the good fight, but will they fight or will they cave? Who knows. But this fight might be their last chance to keep the country from going over the fiscal and cultural cliff. Obamacare is only one of the many monstrous intrusions by the Federal Government into the private lives of ordinary Americans, but it is the final step in complete government control over the entirety of our lives, and if it is not repealed the country will be forever changed. Obamacare is a boil that must be lanced.

How often must I write or care
About a health plan that’s unfair
I sit in front of walls and stare
At shadows as they dance
That punishes the young in health
By taxing them, a fine in stealth
That drains away the country’s wealth
And yet there is a chance
That God or someone higher up
Will take from us this froth filled cup
That gives us gruel on which to sup
A boil that we must lance
And tell Obama, “Say goodnight,
We’re turning out this goddam light
And yes I do enjoy the sight
Of you without your pants”

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