A Shiny Coin Of Gold

The Federal Reserve is printing money faster than Obama can spend it, and the government has rigged the reporting and accounting systems in such a way as the reported rate of inflation is kept absurdly low.  They do this by not including gasoline and food in the market basket used to calculate the rate of inflation, and since the price of anvils has remained remarkably steady, the inflation rate is tolerable, even though fifty dollars now buys a very small bag of groceries and won’t get you a fill-up at the gas station. So remember, the next time you hear or read or see that the rate of inflation is low, don’t believe it, it’s a lie. Or as the most transparent administration on record would no doubt put it, it’s a transparent lie. And if Obama has his way, we’ll have hyper inflation, and a hundred dollar bill will buy you a piece of gum.


About a thousand years ago

The Chinese won the race

To change the way that money worked

And ultimately face

The fact that paper money would

In no time take the place

Of metal coinage and thereby

The currency debase

The Chinese printed theirs on silk

While others paper used

At first gold backed by one to one

Then gradually diffused

As governments soon realized

That people didn’t care

If gold or silver backed the scrip

So long’s they got their share

And so we’ve come full circle where

If anything gets sold

The buyer has to come up with

A shiny coin of gold