Our New Political Class

Our new political class is characterized by its perversion, corruption and incompetence. Take the charges by underage Dominican Republic prostitutes that Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ, routinely flew to the Dominican for their company. It may be the girls were not underage by Dominican law, where prostitution is legal, but does that matter? Of course it doesn’t, not in any moral sense. An underage girl is an underage girl. But will any of this matter to the career and lifestyle of Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ? It will not, because he belongs to the right political party, a political party where perversion is the norm.


If upfront with your perversion

You don’t need a fake conversion

You can play with teenage girls just as you choose

Or with boys if that’s your fancy

‘Cause you’re proud to be a nancy

And you start the party off with bootleg booze

Things are swell the laughs are hearty

All because you’re in the party

That does not pretend to be what they are not

Everyone just laughs and says he’s

Just himself and if he does please

More than one girl at a time well then so what

If you’re Dem then nothing matters

Reputations hang in tatters

You are re-elected and you spend and tax

Take the money kiss the honey

There is nothing that’s more funny

Than Republicans who cannot face the facts