A Sinking Ship

At the G20 conference in Cannes, it was agreed that the IMF should double in size, fearing that it was currently too small to deal with the European debt crisis. The current head of the IMF, Christine LaGarde, is thus charged with passing the tin cup around, hoping someone will fill it. But it doesn’t matter. The ship is sinking, and no amount of money pumped into the dying socialist European system of rule by Brussels bureaucrats will save them.




Is clearly deaf

To cries the ship is sinking

And Ms LaGarde

Is trying hard

To keep the marks from blinking

She says I am

With Uncle Sam

The European savior

And to that end

We’ll tax and spend

Our way to good behavior

But all the while

Despite the guile

The ship of state is settling

Despite the cries

And valiant tries

Of bureaucratic meddling

And so we shall

Bid fond farewell

To Eurozone and euros

The corner turned

And lesson learned

No government by Bureaus


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