A Talking Points Press

In prior times newspapers and news magazines were unabashed mouthpieces of a political organization. Everyone knew where they stood, and their readers agreed with them or they didn’t read it. People who don’t agree with Fox News don’t watch it, and people who don’t agree with Rachel Maddow don’t watch her. Newspapers were not named the Whosis Democrat and the Whatsis Republican for nothing. In this transitional period most of the MSM has already achieved this prior status, and is the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and the liberal point of view. Apart from talk radio we have not yet seen the rise of an alternate and competitive MSM, but we will.    



Ed Murrow smoked his cigarettes

While Cronkite smoked his pipe

We thought that what they said was truth

But truth was over ripe

The press now leaning far far Left

The truth is what Dems say

And talking points from lefty pols

Are what is news today

We’ve lonely voices to be sure

Who broadcast from the Right

But most are smiling lefties who

Tell lies then say good night