Selectric Memories

Not so many years ago the IBM Selectric typewriter was top of the line, far surpassing the old manuals.  It had a ball with changeable type fonts in place of mechanically linked fixed type face arms that struck a ribbon when a key was forcefully struck.  But the day of the Selectric was short lived. IBM itself helped bring about its demise when it came out with magnetic card typewriters, and then magnetic tape machines, where you typed onto the card or tape which then produced perfect copies when the machine typed them back. But they didn’t last long either, being supplanted by the word processor and then the home computer and MS Word.  But I still remember my old Selectric.


In days of old

With typeface bold

And writers were not particular

We wrote to last

But not too fast

With paper perpendicular

We hammered keys

But not with ease

But got it done eventually

Each paper sheet

Got typed complete

And always typed sequentially