A Tasty Dish

Muslim killers are always hailed as heroes in the Muslim world, and the greater the atrocity the more women there are ululating in the streets. We don’t understand how cold blooded killers can be idolized, feted and treated as heroes, and blessed by martyrdom. We forget how Bonnie and Clyde, and John Dillinger were admired and seen as heroes by many. Killers are not heroes. Real heroes wear capes and leap tall buildings at a single bound. But those real heroes are no more.

The age of heroes is no more
The men who evened up the score
Destroying all those evil guys
With just a glance from steely eyes
The heroes now do not wear capes
They put their killings out on tapes
On YouTube and on DVDs
Thus earning them their heaven’s keys
For Allah doth command them kill
And that command they must fulfill
And doing so reach heaven’s gate
Where supple virgins doth await
The West still sleeps but will awake
And Muslim blood our thirst will slake
For vengeance is a tasty dish
And we shall grant their dying wish

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