Fighting Back

The recent Muslim killings of French police and civilians has galvanized the West to take action to combat the threat of Muslim violence. They will not take action against the Muslims of course, that would be an overreaction and possibly dangerous. They are going to shut down the Internet and arrest all those who point out the killers are Muslim, hoping that abject surrender will satisfy the beast. As for me, I have been warned that things will go verse for me if I continue my feeble attempts at rhymed hate speech.

The outraged West is fighting back
With penalties for every hack
Who dares to mention Islam’s name
Thus causing hatred to inflame
The peaceful Muslims to respond
In ways in which they’re much too fond
But I am made of sterner stuff
I spit on them and call their bluff
I call Mohammad pedophile
I’m not afraid, that’s not my style
Come after me, I shall not hide
I’ll turn you into Allah’s bride
The danger’s real, that’s why, you see
This verse was written not by me

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