A Valentine

In Syria, a Russian force of mercenaries crossed the Euphrates River and attacked an American backed base in defiance of an agreement that they would not operate east of the Euphrates. The group attacked, backed by some old Soviet era tanks and got lit up for their pains, losing over two hundred men

Be careful, said the wise old owl
That bears do not collide
This eagle’s more than just a fowl
So just keep on your side
Of lines we’ve drawn on all the maps
And stated in plain words
That we’ll respond and no perhaps
And so will all the Kurds
T-55s, 72s
Just will not get it done
If ancient armor you must use
Then I suggest you run
Back home and let your momma know
That things ain’t going right
She’ll hold you close, won’t let you go
Until the kiss goodnight
We hope you take this valentine
To heart, for on this day
We send a card, or drop a line
With love, from USA