To the surprise and chagrin of many on the Left, the very liberal billionaires who attended the recent meeting at Davos cheered the president of the United States, and what is worse, from the Leftist point of view, rejected globalism and embraced Donald Trump’s version of populism.

There are billionaires and billionaires
And more made by the hour
But only one can sell his wares
For only one has power
He taxis in in Air Force One
And instantly takes Davos
And leaves with mission done and done
To cheers and shouts and bravos
For billionaires are just like us
They also love a winner
And just like us they cheat and cuss
Like any other sinner
As Donald Trump knows all too well
It’s always good to visit
To just drop in and sit a spell
Just friendly talk, or is it
Perhaps the Master has a deal
And money does the talking
That shows that populism’s real
And globalism’s walking