A Valentine For Little Jen

The Obama administration is not only female-centric, but high school female centric, as witness spokespeople like Jen Psaki, who is daily charged with telling lies for the State Department and the Obama administration. We all know how plain looking high school girls dread Valentine’s Day, in fear they won’t get any. Ever kind, I send little Jen a belated valentine in appreciation of her courageous attempts to keep the lies she is forced to tell somewhat believable.

Dear Jen,

I thought I’d write a few short lines
In case you get no valentines
We understand how straight haired girls
Must feel ‘mid all those golden curls
And so to show our kind regards
We hope you get a lot of cards
But if you don’t we’ll feel your pain
And let me say that we would deign
To say we love you a whole bunch
And love to take you out to lunch
The press corps can be mighty rough
But you can handle it, you’re tough
You answer questions with a smile
And twinkling eyes that just beguile
Those ink stained wretches of the press
Who try to put you under stress
With questions that give you a fright
And make you seem you’re not quite bright
But I know that is by design
So please, Jen, be my valentine


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