The Art Of The Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S. expects to achieve a deal on reining in Iran’s nuclear program within three or four months, and suggested that an agreement could be possible months sooner than previously anticipated. There is nothing wrong with making a deal, so long as the deal is between equals and it is not made in bad faith. Our problem is President Barack Hussein Obama has agreed to the terms set by Iran eighty percent of the time, and seems to be acting in bad faith in everything he does.

The deal is done! cried Ribbentrop
His words made all the presses stop
With deals like that who needs a cop?
We know what happened next
The Nixon White House, truth to tell
Knew what would come and knew quite well
That peace would mean that Saigon fell
The treaty a pretext
The Mullahs smile and all agree
The deal with Barack soon will see
The hidden Imam well and free
Thanks to Barack Perplexed
A deal ‘tween equals can be struck
But if your guy is Friar Tuck
Hussein and John you’re out of luck
Disaster runs unvexed

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