A Wooden Stake

It was recently reported on local television news that Philadelphia is still counting absentee and military ballots and that the Trump state-wide lead has shrunk from 70,000 votes to below 50,000, or 0.8% of the total votes cast in the State of Pennsylvania. If the Democrats discover more uncounted votes in desk drawers and car trunks to get the Trump lead down to 0.5%, that would trigger an automatic state-wide recount.  The Democrats always had the final Philadelphia vote total in their back pocket with uncounted absentee ballots. As reported some few years ago by the Philadelphia Inguirer, a staunch liberal Democrat paper, on a Sunday before the election Black churches in Philadelphia hand out absentee ballots to the people in the pews, who sign the absentee ballots and give them back to the ushers who turn them over to the Party to be filled out later, with most of the people then voting for real, as they see it, in the election. So the Philly Democrats have as many absentee ballots at their disposal as they need. But even if they upend the Pennsylvania vote and tip the state to Hillary, they still need both Michigan and Wisconsin to get her to 270 electoral votes. That isn’t going to happen, though I would keep an eye out for Detroit to fortuitously find a vanload of uncounted absentee ballots in a warehouse. What appears to be the motive for the Jill Stein/Hillary/Soros maneuver is to buy time to get a triggered state-wide hand recount in Pennsylvania and hope for a hand recount in Wisconsin and Michigan in order to prevent Trump from getting 270 electoral votes on 19 December, and even though he would still get many more than one half plus one of the Electoral votes cast, and be elected president, they could then claim he was illegitimate. I fail to see to what end this is all being done, other than pure hatred and the desire to shove a stick in the eye of everyone who voted for Trump. But I feel it must be more than that. We just don’t know yet what it is. Would they be spending all that money just to vent their spleen? I don’t think so. The Left does not admit defeat. Like vampires, the Left believes your blood is theirs to take.

The vampire, the living dead
They have a blood lust thirst to slake
And like the Left they live in dread
Of daylight and the wooden stake

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